“Omelette perfection”

Omelette: mushroom, onion, smoked paprika & potato ,parsley & goats cheese salad,

Omelette: mushroom, onion, smoked paprika & potato, parsley & goats cheese salad














Perhaps a different approach to usual this week. Surely you must be looking forward to someone else’s banter. Well, we have a guest blogger in the house, we cannot reveal their identity, let’s just call him :) the Q11 Doc.  Here is what he had to say after sampling the dish. At least that’s what we think he said, he is a real doctor you know, we couldn’t read his writing :)

“Omelette Perfection”

What happens when you add, (to the omelette) , delicious mushrooms, onion, potato, with a hint of smoked paprika? You get this weekend’s special at Q11. Topped with a scrumptious goats cheese, cos and parsley salad, this dish is about flavour and texture. Add some Istra chorizo for than aunthentic Spanish feel.

Stewed mushrooms,

Stewed mushrooms, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic & bay leaf


“Rostied” trout


Smoked trout & potato rosti ,creamed leek, poached egg, sorrel & tarragon salad

Well, you know what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Here are a few words that you may not be able to taste in the picture.

For this week’s menu addition the hero is the smoked trout rosti. Polenta crusted for texture, very rich, we might call it a “rostied” trout instead:). The rest of the meal is structured around it’s full flavoured hit, in particular the salad. Recently, we have been using this salad concept with quite a few of our specials. We find it a great way to add texture, balance richness and make a meal come to life. The sorrel, tarragon & parsley salad will make that rosti tap dance on your taste buds. The creamed leek a nice accompaniment to any fish dish.

Hope to see you all soon.

Corny, cheesy and spicy




The mind boggles.

You may ask, what is corny, cheesy and spicy, what could it be? Noooo not this blog post, alright you may have a valid point :) , it’s the emoji isn’t it!

Anyway, let’s start with corny with a bit of cheese to get going, Toasted corn bread. We had Dench take a break for this bread, house baked, thick ,chunky, full of fresh corn, polenta, buttermilk and of course cheddar cheese.

And the spicy? Scrambled eggs with salsa macha (Mexican hot chilli salsa) fresh mint, parsley and spring onion, reminiscent of the infamous green chilli eggs.To finish a fresh salad of mizuna, tomato and parsley, a slight sweetness for balance. The texture is so moorish, crunchy toasted corn bread, soft cheesy scrambled with fresh crispy herbs. Big call here but one MIGHT even enjoy it more than the green chilli eggs, playing with fire with the green chilli enthusiasts :) , the spicy part of the blog post.

Integrity and crispy skinned salmon.


Feta & herb omelette ,pan fried crispy skinned salmon fillet
salad: roasted capsicum, basil, Thai basil, balsamic, sourdough

How do we keep the integrity of crispy skinned salmon and serve it as an omelette? You can see the problem right? We have the fish cooked to perfection and the egg overcooked or vice versa. Break the fish down too small and you miss that awesome salty crispness and oily mouthfeel, all absorbed by the omelette, good but the intention is lost.Here is our solution, serve it separate, a deconstructed version maybe, not in principle just a fancy way to say we have three things next to each other on the plate, component like, it’s you job to put it all together. Hope you like it.

Pregnant sweet potato fritters



As you guys are aware in the media there tends to be numerous articles sprouting the benefits of various vegetables and their ramifications on our health. At Q11 we are focused on offering you some damn awesome tasting foods with fresh quality ingredients, maybe something you do not get everywhere else,a good reason to keep coming back week after week :) . Occasionally these foods are good for you and sometimes not, depending which side of the health fence you sit on, high fat/low fat, high Carb/low carb,gluten free……… Health considerations often conflict,we choose not to go there, along with politics, religion and not mentioning to females with large belly’s “when are you due?”. For another day maybe :)

In saying all that, we have a dish that just might tick a few of those health boxes for you this week, with all the usual finger lickin’ goodness of course. Let’s start with the fritters, amazing texture just like a cooked sweet potato but held together with a smidgen of flour, chilli and spring onion for crunch and bite.See, I’m in trouble already, the fritters have gluten, OMG,religion too, there is no way I will mention Tony ….. :) The basic concept is soft textured fritters, a salad with heaps of healthy stuff, crunch and flavour, a yogurt based dressing and a poached egg.

By the way don’t mention pregnancy, I did and did not get away with it:)