Pine mushrooms, licking you plate and crying out for more.

Herbed cheddar omelette, saute of mushroom: pine, oyster, shitake……, tarragon vinaigrette, Dench house white sourdough


I have read around the net that mushrooms start popping up at the first autumn rain.On writing this article I would say, looking out of the window at the downpour, that it’s time to put a mushroom special on :).It’s also time to pull out all those wet weather cliches like “it’s good for the farmers”, “we really need it”. What about the cactus farmers? How do you think they feel :), all jokes aside, isn’t the rain awesome when things like pine mushrooms pop out of the earth.

The omelette we have for you, in the possible showery South Melbourne this week, features just those pine mushrooms.Filled with cheddar cheese, spring onions, rosemary and parsley. Perfectly cooked with a buttery stir fry including shitake, oyster, swiss browns & enoki, heaps of garlic, tarragon and a touch of lemon. The finishing touch that will have you all licking your plates and crying out for more is the tarragon vinaigrette, a generous drizzle that brings all the flavours together, mop it all up with your big chunk of chewy Dench house white sourdough.I think we should check that dish just one more time before serving it, someone has to do it :).




 As you guys are well aware our Corn & feta fritters are a huge seller, nearly selling out on a daily basis. From a catering perspective we just seem to scrape in by the skin of our teeth, you can hear us saying “doh, we nearly sold out again” :) We thought we might offer a fritter variation for you guys this week, hang on a minute, just breath, the corn fritters are not going anywhere :)

These fellas are jam packed with potato and feta, heaps of fresh mint, parsley and spring onions. Lightly pan fried and served with cumin & fennel seed spiced yoghurt , a dash of lemon, spinach, a poached egg and some caramelised onion jam. Go nuts with the extras if you are hungry, Istra chorizo, bacon or maybe just another poached egg. It’s all good.


It’s an Omelette-Mexican style


Bacon and Oaxaca cheese Omelette, roasted tomato, garlic and chipotle salsa, Dench house white sourdough

It’s a Mexican style omelette, and what’s that you might ask. Do the Mexicans even make omelettes, beats me but we might have to chat to the guys at El Cielo on this one, ask the real Mexicans.

What makes it a Mexican inspired omelette you may also ask. Well, awesome ingredients like oaxaca , chipotle and eggs, they have eggs in Mexico don’t they :) ? Your omelette will even be served in the shape of two side by side tacos, with crunchy bits.

All jokes aside, what a ripper of a dish, we are so pleased with the end result and hope you guys are too. Served on Dench house white, are two omelettes filled with heaps of salty, stringy oaxaca and pan fried Istra bacon, nicely fried first so as to release all of those awesome bacony flavours, which ooze throughout the whole omelette. 

Roasted tomato and garlic



On top a roasted tomato, garlic and chipotle salsa, some crispy fried tortilla for some extra crunch, delish.