Do you know what Bindaetteok is?


Korean style kimchi pancakes, fried egg, salad: bean shoots, daikon, wombok, shiso, sriracha, kewpie mayo

Traditionally Bindaetteok is a pan fried Korean style pancake made with mung beans, kimchi and onions. This is our version.

The base of this pancake is mung beans, they are soaked overnight and blended with rice, chilli, kimchi and tamari. If you are wondering “how good can mung beans be?” like I was, then brace yourself for one of the specials of the year. What a flavour combo: crispy textured pancakes with crunchy fresh vegetables like wombok, daikon…… a fried egg for that breakfast feel, sriracha for that chilli kick, tamari and smooth kewpie mayo to bring it all together.

We are also offering “THE BURGER VERSION”. all the ingredients above, less the egg wrapped up in a Dench brioche bun. A burger with a twist, you guys may want this on the menu :) A bindaetteok burger, that has a ring to it :) Starting Friday.


New things this week.

Just a quick post on our menu additions for this weekend.

Well, how do we follow on from those leek and cauliflower fritters! A hard act to follow, our approach is to bombard you with all this other stuff. Keep your eyes on our weekly newsletters as the fritters may just be voted back in by popular demand, get on the list if you are not already. Of course we are definitely influenced by nice things said on social media ;) You know, back scratching activity :)

For this week we will be bringing back the ever popular and old favourite: BIRCHER, COCONUT WATER, MANGO, BLUEBERRIES, TIMBOON ORGANIC YOGHURT, TOASTED COCONUT. We toyed with a few new ideas but hey “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Capsicum-fior-de-latte And here is a close up of our superdoop spring style special, a nice thin herbed omelette with fior di latte, folded and served with a zesty roasted capsicum salad, refreshingly delicious with a healthy drizzle of a sherry vinegar and garlic dressing. As I am sure you guys are aware, Fior di latte is an awesome cow’s milk mozzarella, great in salads.Served with some crunchy sourdough grain. Delish.





Fritter time. Such a moorish, lick the plate, spicy………..I’ll be back tomorrow for another serve, for you this week.We have adapted this recipe from a Yotam Ottolenghi leek fritter recipe. Lets break it down for you.

The fritters: made with whipped egg whites lightly folded into a spicy braised leek mixture combined with a milk batter. The result being a soft cake type texture.

Spicy leek braise: Slow cooked leaks with coriander, turmeric, cumin, chilli and cinnamon, looks amazing.

Roasted spiced cauliflower: pan roasted cauliflower florets, similar spices to the leek mixture with the addition of fennel, lemon juice and green chilli. An Andew McConnell favourite, Cumulus Inc served it with whipped goat’s curd on their comestible section. A nice addition to the fritters.

The rest: a nice leafy citrus salad with asparagus & sorrel, a lemon garlic dressing. On the plate some pomegranate arils, a tahini and yoghurt sauce.

Wow, what a mouthful, and that is just to write it :) , wait till you taste it.

Starting Friday.


It’s all from Mexico.

Sweet potato & goats cheese quesadilla, fried egg, jicama leaf salad,  chipotle coriander dressing, pickled onion

Sweet potato & goats cheese quesadilla, fried egg, jicama leaf salad,
chipotle coriander dressing, pickled onion

How exciting it is to offer you guys a nice new Mexican inspired delicacy for this week. As usual we are aiming to tick all the boxes, flavour, texture, presentation and I do believe we might just have nailed this one.

The quesadilla is filled with sweet potato, firmly roasted,a lightly caramelised surface and filled with some awesome Mexican goat’s cheese. No, I probably can’t get away with that, I made that one up, do the Mexicans even make goats cheese! Alright try this, a Victorian guy, making French cheese who went to Mexico once on a holiday :) Anyway the two together tick those flavour texture boxes nicely.

Once the crispy fried egg drizzles all over the plate and combines with the dotted bits of chilli, coriander and chipotle you have a DIY sauce sensation. No hard eggs please :) you’ll spoil half the fun. The quesadilla serves it’s purpose, the Mexican spoon.

To top of the affair some crunchy jicama salad with mizuna and pickled onion (they’re all from Mexico too :) ) The authenticity is purely Q11 based, original flavours that taste great.This one should be up and running early Friday. See you guys soon.

Sweet treats.



It’s all about the sweet treats this  weekend. As  well as our usual Dench favourites: the raisin toast,the banana and rhubarb loaf and the super popular coconut pancakes  we have a new granola.

Very tropical, crunchy, smooth, a hint of roasted bitterness and damn tasty. The granola is baked with all sorts of goodness including sunflower, sesame, banana, honey and dried pineapple. The panna cotta: yoghurt based with fresh passionfruit. Wrap that all up with a punchy lime drizzle and you have tropical paradise, you may have to close your eyes to manifest that one :) Unfortunately this one is not gluten free and it should be up and running by mid morning Friday.