Dench sourdough, hummus.

Dench toasted grain sourdough, hummus, fresh tomato, fried egg, Yarra Valley feta

Dench toasted grain sourdough, hummus, fresh tomato, fried egg, Yarra Valley feta

As we are repeating the Omelette with cured salmon for one more week, (slightly popular :),) we thought we would offer up this punchy little dish too.

Think of it as the avocado toast without the avocado, bruschetta or even  just nice snack, breakfast or lunch. We pulled out an old hummus recipe and forgot how good it was, like a blast from the past, a forgotten old friend. It’s zesty, salty, smooth and creamy. How well it works with chewy but soft Dench sourdough, fresh tomato and smooth as Yarra Valley feta. And consider it healthy a nicely fried egg, coconut oil of course.

As we use soy for the saltiness we have prepared a gluten free variation too.

Sweet, spicy, crispy and delicious.

Crispy potato omelette, sugar cured salmon, asparagus, tarragon, sorrel & chilli salad,  Dench house white

Crispy potato omelette, sugar cured salmon, asparagus, tarragon, sorrel & chilli salad, Dench house white

I believe you guys may enjoy the menu addition for this week, this dish has all the hallmarks of a dance floor killer.

A crispy fried potato & cheddar cheese omelette with a spring salad of new season Victorian asparagus, lemony sorrel, sugar cured salmon, finger lickin’ goodness. The salad is dressed with a tarragon, red wine vinegar, garlic and olive oil emulsification. The amazing soft egg/dressing combo is slowly becoming a signature technique we use in various applications to produce great texture and flavour.With some Dench house white to mop up the plate, there will be no need for any dishwashing this weekend. :)

With a bit of luck and some crafty catering there may even be a serve or two of Salmon leftover for you salmon lovers out there. You know who you are.

In summary, sweet, spicy, crispy and delicious.


A subtle hint of sichuan.

Is there such a thing?


Saute of mushroom, baby kale, fennel, a hint of sichuan pepper, dill,
creme fraiche, poached egg and sourdough

Sichuan, Szechuan or even prickly Ash are some of the names you may know this berry as. Although not related to black or white pepper it contains an element of pepperiness that makes our menu addition this week so awesome. The Chinese call it “ma”, that slightly numbing and pungent affect that sets the tongue and lips tingling. More on this in a great article from the Guardian newspaper, a good read.

A really well crafted dish, with hints of five spice powder, star anise, fennel and Sichuan pepper. Our aim is to leave you with your head on fire and the ability to blow smoke rings out of the top of your head, the first one to create the Olympic logo on the roof wins a thousand points on Rewardle :) No no seriously, we hope to leave you with a slightly pungent flavour in your mouth and a really subtle numbness that lingers, a mild form of clove as opposed to chilli.

You may liken the dish to a warm mushroom salad with crunchy bits of fennel and peppery baby kale, bound with creme fraiche and a runny poached egg. Although a Chinese spice, expect a dish with a modern Australian influence and a hint of Sichuan spice. Try pairing it with our jasmine and lily blooming tea, sensational.

Cauliflower fritters with a lime twist



In writing the title for this post I could not help myself thinking about Steve Martin’s famous ordering coffee scene in LA story. Indulge yourself if you haven’t before, it’s just 16 seconds.

Move the scene down to a breakfast cafe in South Melbourne this weekend, change out a few faces and hopefully it will be fritters not coffee on order :).I can picture it now “I’ll have a fritters”, “I’ll have a fritters”, “I’ll have a fritters too” no changes to this coffee, but we will add the twist :)

The fritters are full of chunky roasted cauliflower and slow cooked leek. The base lightly supported by whipped egg white, free range of course, great to mop up that spicy yoghurt sauce: cumin, coriander, cinnamon and turmeric. With a crunchy and crisp salad of fresh herbs, roasted capsicum and that zesty lime twist I think you guys will enjoy.