Influence from Japan

Miso eggs

Roasted corn & mushroom, miso & green chilli aioli, fried eggs, herbed salad
toasted brioche


When food is your passion and you wake up each day thinking “where will I eat today”? I so feel like that…………….? Shall I cook or shall I eat out? ( I have an idea :) . )

Isn’t it exciting to live in such a great city with so many cultural influences and the Japanese influence goes way back. I must admit 30 years ago sipping on my miso soup I would not have imagined using this Japanese seasoning in our current breakfast format. We have come a long way.

As I am sure you are aware by now,

. Think salty, earthy and rich, although artfully lightened with a tamari herbed salad. A textured mix of roasted corn and mushroom, awesome Dench brioche and a layering of experiences on the palate, evolve in your mouth. “Is that soy……….that sweet corn works so well with the miso………more please :)

A nice dairy free treat to go with your Almond milk chai. The GF Precinct buckwheat & chia bread works well too, the texture slightly mimics the brioche, a nice gluten free alternative as well.

Cheesy, crunchy & caramelised.

Omelette sweet potato

Sweet potato & Tallegio Omelette, walnuts, caramalised onion & thyme,
witlof cress salad, sourdough


well structured flavours that would work anywhere, pizza, sandwich, pasta……… Just add a drizzle of mustard, balsamic and garlic and you’ve leapt from a well structured meal to a dance floor killer, one to remember.

This menu addition will be up and dancing Friday on opening. See you then.

Cauliflower metamorphosis.



The focus is on the cauliflower this week. in fact the mildly spiced fritters to be exact, the metamorphic development from a white nutricious, extremely healthy vegetable, to a soft pillow-like flavour sensation. What a combo, cauliflower, cumin and goats curd.

Nicely brought to life by the salty and sweet salad of sorrel, (say that one fast :) ) capers and currants. A touch of flour binds the fritter, a hint of tumeric, cumin and cinnamon.

Below is a big budget, Cannes film festival entry, a quick phone video of the fritters being plated. Enjoy :)

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Fit for Phar Lap

Turnip crumble

Turnip & potato crumble: pistachio, parmesan, thyme, roast tomato & rainbow
chard omelette sourdough


Apparently, according to the internet, turnips are good for horses only , Phar Lap, Black Caviar maybe, high profile horses I assume :) . Well, either way, they clearly do not know about this week’s menu addition.

Turnip crumble

Turnip crumble


Check this out, individually baked crumbles, a salty Dench crumb. To start we take the smaller varieties, ones fit for kings, human ones that is, blanch and pan fry with potato and garlic, a nice base. Once fully infused and bursting with flavour we add the crumble mix: crunchy textured bread with nutty pistachio and salty parmesan, thyme and butter.


Here is the clincher, after the volcanic fires of the Q 11 toaster has performed it’s magic the crumble is turned out onto a mini roasted tomato and rainbow chard omelette and laid to rest on some lightly toasted Dench grained sourdough. A drizzle of oil to bring together the Earthy sweet roasted turnip, salty crumb and the smooth cheesy omelette. Phar lap would come back from the dead for this one.

For the gluten intolerant we have organised an equally delicious crumble topping made with GF Precinct buckwheat & chia bread. Please request this option if necessary.



What’s changing this week?

Cheddar scrambled eggs, crispy shredded potato, truffle oil,  spring onions, sourdough Actually nothing:) not even last week’s menu addition. This dish outsold everything on the menu by a long shot. If you were one of the outstanding bunch that visited us last weekend and you were on a table of three, one of you ordered that dish. Yes, I think that is a damn good reason to repeat it.


You may have missed these changes though.


Almond milk. Want to know which almond milk is being used in some of Melbourne’s finest coffee houses: Seven seeds, Proud Mary, Filter……..? The answer – The Almond Milk co. This nut milk has been perfectly tailored by it’s owner Cameron Earl, an almond milk aficionado, Almond Milkthe aim a neutral flavour that works with coffee. His home became an Almond milk laboratory,  in it’s development phase, for me this conjures up weird images, some type of seedy Breaking Bad science experiment :) The milk is gluten, dairy and preservative free and works a treat with our seasonal blend. For more on this head over to Broadsheet for a great article on this raw vegan milk replacement.

Gluten free bread. A couple of months back we added an awesome gluten free bread to our offerings. Why you may ask?

Well, you may already be aware that a common issue with gluten intolerance seems to be a fructose intolerance too. Buckwheat and chia gluten free breadFor a while we were offering two breads, with a big long spiel to go with it. GF Precinct bread covers all those bases, has a moorish texture and goes down well. We have opted for the Buckwheat & chia version as the guys at GFPrecint say “it has a soft, moist and chewy texture with an open crumb, …. heavenly when toasted. A no brainer , hope you enjoy it.