Fritters, what an awesome way to get some veg into your breakfast meal, one would think it is a healthy thing to do. We love to work with different vegetables and present them as an exciting breakfast option. Over the years we have had some very popular fritter dishes I can think of. Lets delve into the Q11 archives.

Cauliflower fritters

CAULIFLOWER FRITTERS, POACHED EGG, SPICED YOGHURT, ASPARAGUS, DUKKAH. Loved this dish a summery affair, zesty yoghurt, super special.



The zucchini and mint fritters;Creamy zucchini, feta and mint fritters with a light roasted heirloom tomato and lemon salsa. 

Potato-frittersq11 POTATO, FETA MINT FRITTERS, SPICED YOGHURT DRESSING, POACHED EGG, SPINACH, ONION JAM.A recent corker of a special that we could not keep up with. Maybe we should bring this back one day?

Corn fritters And our current awesome huge seller.;CORN & FETA FRITTERS, LIME AVOCADO, CHIPOTLE SOUR CREAM, PICO DE GALLO. Do you think we will ever be allowed to change this dish?

We should have a contest? Not sure what that is though, free fritter friday maybe :) . So we hope you enjoy this weeks frittermania offering. Damn good.A not too spicy chipotle infused dressing, Mexican inspired, lime, roasted tomato…………A super mish mash with sweet potato, black cabbage, roasted corn, a smidgen of tamarind and chilli mayo to bring all the flavours together and soften the chilli hit.


Be rewarded because you deserve it :)

Hey, wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded for spending money, well I think I should be I spend enough of it :) .


For years Q eleven has been looking for a loyalty program that was just easy to use. No paper cards cluttering up your wallet along with all the OTHER cards from those other places you attend, hey, you do not go anywhere else, DO YOU! :)

Rewardle is a membership, points and rewards program that allows you guys to earn points each time you spend money with us and or other participating outlets, one card many merchants. It will also allow us to offer gift vouchers for all your mates too.


So either download the app or grab a card and sign up when you are next in. We will be offering special bonus points and offers in the near future. You have to be in it to win it, sorry about the crappy cliche :) . Each time you log in you will be able to view our available offers, when you have enough points let the rewards begin, it won’t be long with our generous offers.


Menu Additions this week.

Celeriac remoulade -omelette

Smoked trout, leek and dill Omelette, celeriac remoulade, sourdough

Another awesome omelette for you guys this weekend, wood smoked trout, leek and dill, oh yeah a smidgen of cheese. A contrasting bitey and creamy remoulade breaks down some of the richness of the omelette, flavour packed as per usual.

walnut-and-apricot bread

walnut-and-apricot bread

Toasted Raisin bread is about to go off the menu due to Dench not baking the gluten free version any-more. So therefore we are looking for a replacement, similar but different, we have chosen Dench apricot and walnut bread, unfortunately not gluten free. It is made with organic stoneground unbleached wholemeal and plain wheat flours, a delicious alternative to your regular breakfast toast.

Scrambled eggs with Yarra Valley feta….

scrambled eggs Yarra Valley feta

Baby leek and tarragon scrambled eggs: Yarra Valley feta,
lemon, sourdough

















Lots to talk about with this delicious menu addition but let’s focus on one of the stand out ingredients , the Yarra Valley feta.


Yarra Valley Persian feta

The feta is creamy, with a salty tang and a lush buttery finish, so the guys at Yarra Valley suggest. They also suggest eating it with sparkling wine, pear or apple cider or rose. Not my idea :).We have chosen scrambled eggs, baby leeks and tarragon and a lemon garlic drizzle, much more sensible :)

You would never guess but the farm is located in the Yarra valley region. Here is a blurb from the cheese masters website:

“Yarra Valley Dairy is part of the property known as “Hubertswood” owned by the Mooney Family. Named after one of the early settlers and vignerons, Hubert de Castella, the property is now used for producing our fine quality farmhouse cheeses in what is known as one of the premium wine and dairy regions of Australia.The region in which “Hubertswood” is situated has a long and well established history of dairying. When early settlers came to the area a cheese factory and buttery was established, supplying the area with fresh local produce.”

Soft and smooth, great as a side with eggs, paired with avocado with our balsamic mushrooms and dukkah or as an avocado toast with salsa macha, a Q11 favourite.

Brussels sprouts in your omelette :)

Omelette-Brussels sprouts

Crispy potato and bacon omelette: taleggio, organic brussels sprouts, honey mustard drizzle, sourdough

“YOU ARE PUTTING WHAT IN THE OMELETTE” you may have heard me whisper quietly as we had our specials discussion this week :) , “we will buy organic, they are so good, add bacon, what about taleggio? They will love it”. Yeah, everyone says we should put our omelette specials on the menu, well what about a brussels sprout omelette? Sounds enticing yeah :) . Maybe I should fill you in with the rest of the story as we have a few tricks up our sleeves with this dish.

As usual flavour and texture are high on the agenda, we have crispy bits, soft bits, chunks of taleggio, oodles of Istra bacony goodness, sweet drizzles and brussels sprouts, yes, brussels sprouts. Once we fry them up with all that other stuff you won’t even know they are there.  “What’s there?” you may ask, brussels sprouts, of course! All jokes aside, a very exciting use of an incredibly nutritious and flavoursome veg, when they are cooked properly anyway. Forget all those childhood memories, ’cause if you had this combo as a kid, you dined in the finest of restaurants. Did I mention brussels sprouts :)